Frequently Asked Questions

Perhaps the answer you’re looking for is right here.
The first step is contacting us (telephonically or via our site or email).

At our initial meeting, we listen as you tell us about your project needs. Where needed, we offer advice. If a quotation is needed, we will measure and assess your property. With an eye for design and the qualifications to boot, trust that the advice given is expert and informed.

We focus on the City bowl, Atlantic seaboard and surrounds but also work in most Cape Town suburbs.
We are affiliated with architects who can tend to your design and council needs
Yes, council approval does come at a fee, depending on the size of your project. Our affiliates will be happy to advise.
We are able to assist with building design and where we are unable, we will be sure to refer you to one of our capable affiliates.
No project is too small, however, we are not handymen. We are looking to add a maintenance division in the near future.

Ready to start your project with us​?​

Please contact us if you’d like to know more about consultations, project conceptualisation, or just about anything.